Your Care Connected

Your Care Connected W100Your Care Connected is a safe electronic patient information system that allows doctors and nurses outside of the GP Practice in Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull who are caring for patients to look up and view relevant information from patient GP records.

Your Care Connected will bring together local healthcare services to make them better and safer for everyone.

At the moment there are many different computer systems which hold your health and care records and not all of them are connected to each other. For example, the information held by your GP is not automatically available when you have a hospital appointment. This means that you may have to repeat your information again with whoever is treating you, because the information is not always share between them.

Your Care Connected will:

  • Give quicker access to information about any current medications you are taking, any bad reactions to medicines you have had, allergies you suffer from or medical incidents
  • Help doctors and nurses in an emergency, or when other health care services are closed, for example in the evenings, at weekends and during Bank Holidays
  • Provide a better all-round picture of your medical condition and health needs across all health services. This information will be available when a GP, nurse or doctor is discussing your healthcare with you to help make an informed decision about your care
  • Make sure that, with your permission, your information can be accessed across all the different NHS organisations that you come into contact with locally, with the relevant information in one place

We want everyone in Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull to be able to take advantage of Your Care Connected and we hope to make it available to all by the end of 2015. But we want to make sure the finished product is absolutely right for our patients, so we are testing the system. From January 2015 for three months some GP practices and some Birmingham hospitals will take part in a trial for the programme.

The GP practices involved are: Hall Green Health Centre; Lordswood House Group; Enki Medical Practice; Handsworth Wood Medical Medical Centre; Meadowside Family Health Centre; Tanworth Lane Surgery; Oakwood Surgery; and Bernays & Whitehouse Medical Group Partnership.

The providers involved are: City Hospital, Good Hope Hospital, Heartlands Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sandwell General Hospital, Solihull Hospital and Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust.

During that time the doctors and nurses treating patients will use a simple piece of computer software to look up a patients's relevant medical information. They can do that with patient permission, they cannot extract or save information, they cannot store information and use it for later, they can only view the record when the patient is there and when the consultation is finished the record is switched off until the next time the patient is seen.

For more information visit the Your Care Connected website or view the Your Care Connected patient leaflet.

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