Self-care for healthy living

Self-care for healthy living

NHS Choices LifeCheck

LifeCheck is a free service to help you and your family improve your health. It takes just a few minutes to complete. Just answer a few simple questions and LifeCheck will give you the results tailored to your age, gender and lifestyle. A few moments spent now could add years to your life.

Diet and weight loss

Eating a nutritious, balanced diet can help you stay healthy and manage your weight.

Stop smoking

Cigarette smoking is the biggest cause of premature death and preventable disease in the UK. It’s also bad for the health of others around you, and can damage the health of your unborn baby. The good news is it’s never too late to stop smoking. Even if you’ve been a chain smoker for decades, stopping now will greatly benefit your health (and your pocket).

Reduce alcohol intake

Drinking too much alcohol seriously damages your health. It can also affect your mood, behaviour, friendships, work and family life. Many people enjoy the occasional drink, but if you’re worried about your own or someone else’s drinking, you can get help.

Active lifestyle

Community and voluntary sports and physical activity clubs play a vital role in encouraging more people to participate in sport and physical activity. They are at the very heart of our villages, neighbourhoods and communities.

Assistive technology / telecare

Solihull Independent Living

Solihull Independent Living (SIL) is a not-for-profit organisation that offers people who are older, disabled or on a low income an affordable way to repair, improve or adapt their homes. It also aims to help people carry on living comfortably at home and stay independent rather than moving into residential care.

Safe and Sound Service

Safe and Sound is a service for older or vulnerable people. It provides support that makes it possible for them to live independently in their homes. In an emergency you can call for help by activating the alarm or by pressing a pendant that works remotely from anywhere in your home. When you call for help, the emergency control centre will respond and will be able to talk to you to find out what type of help to send, for example a Safe and Sound Officer, a doctor or an ambulance.

Health Trainers

Health Trainers are able to support the residents of Solihull, on a one-to-one basis, to achieve their health related goals and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

Apart from offering free health information and lifestyle checks the health trainers can support people with their weight management, physical activity, alcohol reduction, healthy eating and to stop smoking. They work closely with specialist services to support patients, offering them free health and wellbeing support, and encourage them to make simple, positive choices, to live a healthier life.

Solihull MiLife

Solihull MyLife provided by Solihull Council offers advice to help you live your life your way. You can also find information you need to help others - whether you are looking for support for your parents or the person you provide unpaid care for. Categories include ‘Being active’; ‘Health and wellbeing’; ‘Living in your own home’ and ‘Keeping safe’.