Learning and Development

List of Training Dates & Network Meetings

To book on these courses please complete and return a copy of this Booking Form to training.solihullccg@nhs.net.


Solihull CCG’s learning and development programme has been revised and will be continually developed to take account of the following: 

All healthcare staff have a responsibility to keep up to date in line with professional codes, professional standards, national and local policy.  We strongly recommend:

  • That after attending one of our courses and/or after accessing other learning opportunities you undertake a reflective piece on your learning and share with your supervisor and/or manager and/or peer support.
  • Annual appraisals/personal development reviews focus on adult and child safeguarding to ensure workers are up to date with national and local changes and competencies.
How we continue to evaluate our courses:

In addition to on the day evaluations, between October 2017 to February 2018 , Solihull CCG will undertake a members practice audit via site visits and using Smart Survey as a data collection tool so that the 2015 to 2017 programme and changes following serious case reviews can be reviewed following results. This is in addition to the multi-agency audits conducted via our membership of the Solihull Safeguarding Boards, Community Safety Partnerships and Regional West Midlands Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Board (7 Local authorities) work streams.

Thereafter the programme will be reviewed at a minimum, every 6 months and/or sooner if issues/reports/cases and/or serious incidents arise triggering an update.


Organisations need to take account of courses and refreshers suggested via the Joint Safeguarding Boards and Domestic Abuse Priority Group/Forum within your local areas. For updates see

Solihull CCG Costs:
  • Places arranged for Solihull CCG Practice Members GPs and nurses are agreed between the CCG and Practice Safeguarding Leads Network meeting are free unless the fees and cancellation charges are invoked.
  • Multi-agency / multi-disciplinary / Non Solihull CCG Practice Members GPs and Practice Nurses are potentially subject to venue and speakers booking fees. Fees will vary per person and will be advertised as per programmed event as will cancellation costs / failure to attend costs.
  • Solihull CCG staff, including all Governing Body Members can attend any of the venues advertised for their convenience, however events related to outside organisers, its contents and restrictions are not within our control.

Owing to costs and cancellation policies courses will be cancelled 6 weeks ahead of schedule if insufficient places have been booked. The organisers reserve the right to alter the programme without notice. In the event of a conference cancellation a full refund of delegate fee will be made to all paying delegates booked and attending, but the organisers accept no responsibility for the cost of travel, accommodation or other associated expenses.

For those subject to booking fees, a refund minus 20% administration charge will be given for cancellations which are received in writing 3 weeks prior to the date of the event; no refunds will be given after that date.

For Solihull Practice Members or others who are booked on a course/programmed event but fail to cancel in writing within 3 weeks prior to the date of the event will be subject to a 20% administration cost; failure to turn up on the day, a minimum fee of £65 will apply.