Welcome to NHS Solihull CCG safeguarding webpage. We have an agreed strategic approach to maintain safe and effective safeguarding services and to strengthen arrangements for safeguarding children and adults at risk from abuse and neglect across Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

As a commissioning organisation, we have a statutory duty to ensure that all health providers, from whom we commission services (both public and independent sector), promote the welfare of children and protect vulnerable adults from abuse or the risk of abuse. This includes specific responsibilities for Looked After Children and for supporting the Child Death Overview process, as well as the protection of adults with care & support needs.

Further, we enable the delivery of deliver national and local plans, such as the West Midlands Modern Slavery Victims Strategy, the West Midlands Police & Crime Plan 2016-2020 and Prevent. Supporting the Chief Executives under the West Midlands Combined Authorities Preventing Violence Against Vulnerable People Board through active partnership engagement and working. 

Structure Governance

Download Solihull CCG Governance Architecture

Solihull CCG is also a member organisation; we therefore have a responsibility to ensure that our Practices are supported to deliver their safeguarding responsibilities.

All our Policies and Procedures inform our work and the Commissioning for Quality and a Positive Patient Experience document sets out Solihull CCG overarching strategy that focuses on the three overarching quality aims of:

  • Commissioning for Quality and Quality Improvement
  • Reduction of avoidable harm and improving safety
  • Improving patient experience of commissioned services.

The Commissioning for Quality and a Positive Patient Experience strategy describes the overarching framework that enables the CCG to meet its duty in relation to quality assurance and quality improvement. The strategy provides the framework for measuring the quality of services commissioned and the escalation process for quality concerns.

Solihull CCG safeguarding vision is to continue to commission services to promote and protect individual human rights, independence and well-being and secure assurance that the child or adult thought to be at risk, stays safe.

We know we will have achieved our vision when:

  • People who live and work in Solihull know what signs and indicators of abuse to look out for and who to contact for advice and support.
  • Local organisations respond in a timely and effective way to concerns about abuse & neglect. This activity may go beyond prevention, identification and referral but also might include a role in monitoring and providing on-going support or intervention.
  • People who work in Solihull identify problems early, act on and provide support for problems as soon as they arise, drawing in, where necessary, support from other services.
  • We understand the journey of children and adult with care and support needs. We have heard their voices and their carer’s voices within the services we commission; and we have heard their voices through other early help services provided via partnership arrangements or the respective safeguarding processes.
  • Residents and those who work in Solihull know about consent and the relationship with the Mental Capacity Act 2005. The Act empowers people to make decisions for themselves wherever possible, and protects people who lack capacity by providing a flexible framework that places individuals at the very heart of the decision-making process.

The aims of our safeguarding strategy continue to:

  • Commission services to ensure, first and foremost that children and adults with care and support needs are safe.
  • Discharge our statutory functions.
  • Work alongside neighbouring Clinical Commissioning Groups to maintain a consistent approach and response to need for our resident population.
  • Encourage, embed and maintain the best safeguarding practice across Solihull.
  • Ensure continuous improvement and compliance with national and local policies.
  • Review existing systems for quality monitoring to ensure that they remain robust, auditable, effective and in line with Solihull Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB) and Solihull Local Safeguarding Childrens Board (SLSCB).
  • Ensure partnership working and contribution to the work of the Local Safeguarding Boards, Health & Wellbeing Board, Safer Solihull, Youth Offending Board and Special Needs and Disability Board (list not exhaustive).
  • Effectively contribute to multi-agency approaches such as the Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA); Multi- agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC), domestic abuse; Early Help offers and/or Multi-agency Safeguarding Hubs; as well as processes to protect people who are victims of exploitation such as child sexual exploitation, modern slavery & human trafficking, PREVENT & Channel processes and Domestic Abuse forums.

The 2015-18 key priorities for our CCG and safeguarding team are to:

  • Get better at protecting people from harm to include: early and/or preventive help for those at risk of abuse, including the local priorities given to child sexual exploitation, domestic abuse and neglect.
  • Give every child the best start in life, this includes children with disabilities, looked after children, children and families meeting the local authority thresholds of intervention and those subject to child protection plans.
  • Embed and implement the Care Act 2014, Making Safeguarding Personal and the Mental Capacity Act.
  • Improve the consistency of safeguarding policies and procedures across our Member Practices by developing via these web-pages live web-based safeguarding policies and procedures for our Member Practices.
  • Continue to support and strengthen system wide safeguarding quality assurance, including monitoring visits; assisting with evidencing best practice and improvements and making a difference to improving the safety and welfare of our most vulnerable residents.
  • Continue to support greater system-wide learning, review and actions and evaluate outcomes of all domestic homicide reviews, serious case reviews action plans and Significant Incident Learning Process (SILP) of both single and inter-agency action to receive assurance that plans have been implemented and in turn improves outcomes for children and adults with care and support needs in Solihull.
  • Maintain systems for safeguarding training and competencies, ensuring learning and development positively impacts on practices and in turn improves outcomes for children, adults with care needs and carers.

Our designated and named professionals will work closely with the Solihull CCG and neighbouring CCGs to analyse and develop the necessary safeguards to ensure that this area of work is maintained and revised and/or endorsed in the light of patient’s experiences.

Point of contact for general information

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