Non-Emergency Patient Transport consultation


From 20 May to 21 August 2015 we asked for your views on proposals for a new non-emergency patient transport service in Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell.

What is non-emergency patient transport?

NHS-funded non-emergency patient transport helps eligible patients, who are unable to travel by private or public transport, get to routine hospital appointments, and be transferred between health services or return to their place of residence.

This service aims to give eligible patients free transport which is safe, timely and comfortable, and sometimes this may also include having an escort or carer travelling with them.

Why are you looking at non-emergency patient transport?

Currently there are different contracts and standards in place at each of the NHS trusts, rather than one universal service for patients.

These contracts will be coming to an end soon and we need to make sure there is no gap in service for our patients. It also gives us the opportunity to make improvements so that there is one universal non-emergency patient transport service which is high quality and fairer for our patients.

The consultation

From Wednesday 20 May until Friday 21 August 2015 the was a public consultation to seek the public’s views on non-emergency transport services, including:

  • The eligibility criteria
  • The standard of service that should be provided
  • A new ‘Patient Charter’
  • How the new service may affect patients
  • Any other suggestions, or alternative views on patient transport services or access to healthcare services more generally.

NEPT image webIf you would like to find out more about this consultation, please read the documents below:

We invited responses via a questionnaire to help us to shape our plans. Questionnaires were available at a series of events, public meetings and drop-in sessions at the various hospital sites.

Consultation update: October 2015

We had a very positive response to the consultation and have received lots of valuable feedback and insight from wide range of people across Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull and the wider West Midlands.

The formal consultation process ended on 21 August 2015 and since then, the CCGs have been analysing all of the consultation feedback.

The feedback we’ve received during the consultation will be used to further shape the service specification for the non-emergency patient transport service and the patient charter.  This will ensure that we are commissioning, or buying, a service that meets the needs of all of our patients. The CCGs are all committed to ensuring that our patients have access to high-quality NHS services.

The pdf consultation report (7.14 MB)  and   pdf You Said We Did (126 KB)  are available to read on this website. An updated equalities impact analysis is available pdf here (847 KB) .

A quarterly stakeholder briefing is available pdf here (144 KB) . You can sign up to receive this by contacting the engagement team by emailing if you would like to receive these updates or become more involved.

Our plans for 2016

CCGs have started procurement for a new NEPT service which will replace current services transport from 2017 at six NHS trusts.

A new Eligibility Criteria Policy and Patient Charter will be rolled out in 2016 and will be fully implemented in 2017.

A review of availability and use of the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme is underway and a report will be made available later this year setting out any improvements.

A service review of the remaining NEPT services at three other NHS trusts has started and a report will be made available later this year setting out any improvements or changes to how these are commissioned.

CCGs will continue to work with stakeholders and are keen to hear your views on local NEPT services so that we can continue to make sure patients can access high quality NEPT services.


If you would like more information please contact the communication and engagement team.

Telephone: 0121 255 0828 Email:

Market engagement

CCGs held a market engagement event on 12 March 2015 for organisations that may wish to tender. The aim of the event was to:

  • Give the marketplace an understanding of CCGs' vision for non-emergency patient transport services
  • Give potential bidders an understanding of the potential procurement process
  • Invite feedback from potential providers to help inform the scope of services and the development of the procurement strategy

The engagement event was aimed at all organisations potentially interested in bidding for non-emergency patient transport services for the Birmingham and Solihull regions. A copy of the pdf powerpoint (783 KB)  and pdf Q&A (239 KB)  from this session are available to download.

Any future notices will be available on the portal at (registration and use of the website is free of charge). If your organisation has registered previously, you do not need to re-register.