Inhaler Technique

Better use of inhalers could save lives

Millions of people in the UK have breathing difficulties but many do not use their inhalers effectively, potentially putting their lives at risk. Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is tackling this problem with its ‘Breathe with ease’ campaign urging inhaler users to get their technique checked.

GPs, practice nurses, community pharmacists and care home staff have attended workshops run by the CCG to improve their skill at teaching the technique. The campaign focuses on getting the message to patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

It is essential that patients use their inhalers effectively. Many are getting only a small fraction of the drug entering their lungs and some none at all but believe they are using their inhalers in the proper way. So the campaign is urging all patients to ask their local pharmacist, practice nurse or GP to check their technique.

The infographic displayed at the bottom of this page has been created as part of this campaign. Please follow us on Twitter and retweet it to help spread the message.

Asthma UK has many useful resources on its website: and has kindly allowed us to reproduce the graphics below which link to its demonstration videos.

Inhaler Demonstration Videos

 lee meteredDoseInhaler lee Turbohaler lee Accuhaler

lee LargeVolumeSpacer lee Clickhaler lee EasiBreathe

lee Autohaler lee SmallVolumeSpacer lee SpacerYoungChildren

Inhaler Leaflets

Please click on the following to access the information leaflet;

Accuhaler inhaler

Ellipta inhaler Novolizer inhaler

Aerolizer inhaler

Forspiro inhaler Respimat inhaler

Autohaler inhaler

Genuair inhaler Spiriva HandiHaler inhaler

Breezhaler inhaler

Metered dose inhaler Spiromax inhaler
Clickhaler inhaler Metered dose inhaler with large volume spacer device Turbohaler inhaler
Easi-breathe inhaler Metered does inhaler with small volume spacer device  

Easyhaler inhaler


Breathe With Ease Infographic 

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ACI 390 INfographic Breathe with Ease