End of Life Care in Solihull

Solihull CCG recognises the importance of end of life care and can help support those patients, and their families, who are facing the end of their life.  This can include palliative care services, access to hospice care and care in your home. 

We work in partnership with Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (HEFT) and Macmillan Cancer Support to support more people to die in their place of choice.  Together developing a number of initiatives, including a ‘just in case’ box which patients keep at home for use if they need urgent pain relief outside GP opening hours.

Marie Curie Hospice

Hospices specialise in providing end of life care.  People are usually referred to hospices by their GP or hospital doctor. 

Marie Curie Hospice West Midlands is based locally in Solihull and was inspected by the Care Quality Commission in September 2015 as Outstanding


With improving diagnosis and treatments more people now live with cancer than die from it, but with increasing numbers of people surviving after a cancer diagnosis the NHS faces a challenge to meet the needs of survivors. People living with cancer “frequently report that the period after completing primary treatment can be particularly difficult”.  Traditional follow-up appointments may not always provide the range of information or practical and emotional support that people need.

The increasing number of people living with and beyond cancer prompted the development of the ‘Recovery Package’ between Department of Health and Macmillan Cancer Support. This package is a combination of different interventions, that when delivered together, could greatly improve the outcomes and coordination of care for people living with and beyond cancer.  The package Itincludes Holistic Needs Assessment, Treatment Summaries, Health and Wellbeing Events / Clinics and Cancer Care Reviews. 

Solihull CCG and HEFT have led the way in developing aspects of the Recovery Package – Health and Wellbeing events have been introduced across several tumour sites to ensure that patients are able to move forward and feel more confident in managing any side effects of treatment and support pathways.

The Colorectal Consultant at HEFT has developed a treatment summary which is now in use across his speciality.  Macmillan funded a cancer course for 11 practice nurses within Solihull which enables them to support cancer patients within primary care and it is hoped that more training will be available for all practice nurses in Solihull in 2016.  There is also work regarding embedding enhanced standardised cancer reviews within Solihull, to ensure that all patients following a diagnosis of cancer have access to support and signposting services within the area.

Bereavement Services in Solihull

Grief is a natural response to loss and whilst not everyone decides to access additional support to help them through a difficult time, it may be helpful to know what support is available. 

In Solihull, we commission Solihull Bereavement Services based at Solihull Hospital to provide a confidential service to help those who want support, to come to terms with their grief in the most appropriate way for them.  

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