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Decision making processes and records of decisions

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Information held in registers required by law and other lists and registers relating to the functions of the organisation

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The Solihull CCG 360 stakeholder survey provides an opportunity to learn from examples of successful engagement and focus on key areas for improvement when working with partners and stakeholders.

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Current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities

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Information about the services we offer, including leaflets, guidance and newsletters

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Important - information for patients previously registered with GP Practice at Walk-in Centre

On 29 October 2016, the Solihull walk-in service ceased and was replaced by the Urgent Primary Care Service inside Solihull Hospital alongside the Minor Injuries Unit.  The temporary building that housed the Walk-in Centre and GP practice at Lode Lane, Solihull is now closed.

The Urgent Primary Care Service is open for patients with urgent problems on a walk in basis 8:00am until 8:00pm seven days a week.  Patients may prefer to call 111 in the first instance for advice, as there are alternatives available in the community as well as access to clinicians for specific concerns and at times booking into urgent services.

All those patients previously registered with the Walk-in Centre as their only GP practice were sent letters last year from NHS England and Solihull Commissioning Group reminding them to re-register with an alternative GP practice.  NHS England are continuing to manage the transfer of any remaining patient records.

We advise that patients who were registered with the Walk-in Centre GP Practice, that have still not re-registered need to register with another GP practice as soon as possible.

Copies of the letters, the "questions and answers" and the list of Solihull practice sent to patients are included on this webpage.

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Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews

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Financial information relating to projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit

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Organisational information, structures, locations and contacts


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