Innovation through partnership working

Solihull CCG has already delivered some real innovation in collaborative working. Working with our partners, we can be bold in our ambitions and affect issues that have an impact upon health and wellbeing in our borough. For example, we know the stress of debt can make people depressed and mentally ill. There can also be physical consequences of this. We commissioned Citizens Advice Bureau to place their advisors in our GP practices to work with those who may be ill because of their money worries. Advisors have seen almost 1,800 people, rescheduling over £6m of debt.

There is an enduring legacy from the integration of health and social care at Solihull Primary Care Trust during its time as a Care Trust. In many areas we retain joint commissioners and staff working across both the CCG and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

The Integrated Care and Support Solihull (ICASS) programme was formed in Solihull from the aspiration of local health and social care organisations to be pioneers of integration for our older population. As a member of the ICASS Programme and our shared vision Solihull Together for Better Lives, Solihull CCG is working in close partnership with other local organisations to create a more joined up system of care and support for Solihull people. From the start of this new programme there has been total commitment to involve people who use our services and their carers as well as other residents of the borough.

New Integrated Community Teams for Solihull

Integrated Community Teams have been introduced in Solihull. This is enabling staff to work together more effectively and efficiently across organisational boundaries so that patients and service users get the care and support they need, when and where they need it.

The aim is to meet the health, social and emotional needs of patients, whilst also helping them to be as independent as possible, reducing avoidable admissions to hospital and care homes.

There are two phases to the project.

Phase 1 launched on 1 July 2015 is focusing on restructuring community nursing. Community matrons have been brought together with community nurses and staff from the Single Point of Access (SPA) service to form integrated community teams. There are six teams in total, 2 within each of three areas of the borough: Shirley, Central and Rural Solihull, and North Solihull, and each one linked to a number of GP practices.

They deliver community nursing services to patients in their own home, including people who are at the end of their life. They also provide a rapid response (within 2 hours) to provide urgent care and support to those at immediate risk of an admission to hospital.

Phase 2: Further work is now being done to integrate community nursing, primary care, social care, mental health and other services.

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