Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

NHS Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to promoting equality of opportunity; eliminating discrimination and to recognising and valuing diversity. Our aim is to ensure that we commission and provide accessible high quality health services and ensure equality and fairness in employment practices.

Our approach to equality, diversity and human rights is underpinned by our legal equality duties as a public sector employer and service commissioner. We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination and will ensure that barriers to accessing services and employment are identified and removed.

The CCG recently agreed a new Equality Strategy for 2013-2017. pdf See the strategy , and our equality objectives.

Read our 2015 Equality Act Information Summary

Equality and Inclusion Annual Report 2015/16

Equality and Inclusion Annual Report 2016/17

Birmingham and Solihull Workforce Race Equality Standard 2017-18 Action Plan

Solihull CCG published its annual equality report in April 2017 in line with the financial year. Each report includes an update on progress against the EDS2 framework and the CCG’s Equality Objectives.  The report published in April 2017 set out the key activity and identified that the required progress had been made.

With the need to develop new Equality Objectives for the BSOL organisation for April 2018, Solihull CCG has undertaken a further review of its activity in line with EDS2, the outcomes of which are set out in this report.

Equality Objectives

Solihull CCG has identified five equality objectives. The objectives are based upon organisational priorities and gaps identified by analysing the equality monitoring information published earlier in 2013

The Equality Objectives are:

  • Equality Objective 1
    Improve equality analysis of service pathway design and transition processes to ensure the needs of people from ‘protected groups’ and disadvantaged groups are incorporated within systems where appropriate.
  • Equality Objective 2
    Improve Patient and public engagement for people from protected groups and disadvantaged groups so that it is inclusive. Appropriate stakeholder models and methods of working with diverse groups and communities are developed. Improve coordination of patient and public engagement and service user satisfaction information.
  • Equality Objective 3
    Improve accessibility of information and communication for people from ‘protected groups’ and disadvantaged groups.  Monitor the quality of access to commissioned services for people from ‘protected groups’ and disadvantaged groups through contracts and patient feedback (e.g. physical access, communication needs, quality of care, outcomes).
  • Equality Objective 4
    Improve training and development opportunities for staff at all levels for equality diversity and human rights. 
  • Equality Objective 5
    Ensure Board members and senior and middle managers have an understanding of equality, diversity and human rights so that equality is advanced within the organisation.

For more information, please contact David King,  Equality and Diversity Manager – equality@ardengemcsu.nhs.uk