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(Septicaemia, blood poisoning)

John is a local resident from Birmingham, who works with our organisation as a patient partner/representative.

JohnOv3I had one momentary lapse in concentration!

There I was on a Thursday in late June happily boiling spuds for my daughter’s dinner, when the phone rang. I picked it up and in my customary way proceeded to have an animated conversation oblivious to everything around me.

A warm feeling started to climb up my back at which point I politely excused myself from the phone call saying “I will ring you back, I think I am on fire”. Now, this is the point for all the hindsight brigade to come out of the woodwork with a list of “what you should have done” or “if it had been me I would have”, all very well-meaning, but, you know, when an individual is enjoying a somewhat stressful moment, and are up to their neck in Alligators, its often hard to remember, that the objective was to drain the swamp.