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Christmas on my terms

Ted RalphTed Ralph works for the local NHS.

Most people feel pressure coming up to Christmas. It’s a fun time but for many of us it means lots of preparation and work.

It seems like we’re conditioned into wanting that perfect Christmas with copious amounts of food and drink, good company and gift’s a plenty. Nigella Lawson’s glittery vision of Christmas is just one example that’s almost impossible to recreate without a crew of 5 helpers including a hair stylist and interior designer. 

Call for MMR check for a measles-free Christmas in the West Midlands

Public Health England (PHE) West Midlands is renewing the call for people to check they are up-to-date with two doses of MMR vaccine. It comes as cases of measles confirmed in Birmingham rises to 16, and people begin to gather for Christmas celebrations across the city, providing the ideal opportunity for measles to spread wider across the city and the region.