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Half of sexually active young people have had sex with a new partner without using a condom

  • One in 10 sexually active 16-24 year olds have never used a condom1
  • One in three (35%) think carrying condoms gives the impression that you sleep around1
  • Nearly six in 10 of all chlamydia and gonorrhoea diagnoses in 2016 were in people aged 15 to 24[ii]
  • New campaign from Public Health England features personal stories from young people talking about contracting an STI and why they did not use protection
  • The ‘Protect against STIs’ campaign wants to encourage condom use to prevent young adults contracting and spreading STIs

Public Health England had launched ‘Protect against STIs’, a new campaign that aims to reduce the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among 16-24 year olds through condom usage. The campaign is the first Government sexual health campaign in eight years.