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Let’s talk about Mental Health

World Mental Health Day is recognised by the World Health Organisation and provides an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues and discuss what needs to be done to manage mental health care for people locally.

This year the focus is on mental health in the workplace as, according to the Mental Health Foundation, around 70 million workdays are lost each year due to mental illness, including anxiety, depression and stress related conditions, in the UK.

In Birmingham and Solihull we are encouraging mental wellness.  A common mental illness that can affect people in the workplace is stress or depression.  This can lead to sadness, feeling tired or poor concentration which can impact on work outputs.                                                                         

Mental health is treatable and in most cases people recover well; however some people may be afraid to seek the help and support available.  Poor mental health will impact many of us, at least 1 in 6, in some way so it is important that any stigmas are removed to aid recovery.

World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues in the workplace wherever you work; reminding colleagues to be sensitive to each other as many of us may experience challenging times. 

Where a case is severe the best advice is to make an appointment to see your GP who can advise on the best treatment for you.  Local services such as the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) is available free on the NHS for those with mild, moderate and moderate to severe, symptoms of anxiety or depression.  This can be accessed through your GP.

For more information on mental health please visit: