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African charity challenge for Solihull doctor and nurse

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Dr Sue Harrower, a leading Solihull GP, and nurse Di Veal are setting out on a challenging African trek to raise money to save the sight of children suffering from a condition that is curable if detected early.

It will be the fourth fundraising trek for the adventurous GP, who is a member of Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group’s Governing Body and lead GP for Solis (the north Solihull practice consortium). Others have been along the Great Wall of China, the Peruvian Inca Trail and the foothills of the Himalayas.

Sue and Di, both from Coventry Road Practice, will be joined on the hike across the Great African Rift valley in Tanzania by former colleague, nurse Pat Reding, and Di’s daughter Becky Cordon, a nurse in Leicester.

Maasai guides will lead them and seven others on the 135km, nine-day trek starting on 25 September. Charity Challenge has organised the trek instigated by a woman born in Kenya who lost her sight when her retinoblastoma (tumour of the eye) went untreated. She will be joining them on the trek.

Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund, which focuses on increasing awareness and access to treatment for retinoblastoma, is the trek’s nominated charity. Sue, Di, Becky and Pat have added two other charities for their own fundraising efforts – Redditch Food Bank and Storehouse in Leicester, which provides recycled furniture, clothing, and basic foodstuffs to help the homeless get started once allocated social housing.

Sue said: “Over the past nine months we have raised £6,000 from a myriad of events and the generosity of friends and family. These charities are all doing valuable work and need support. Retinoblastoma is more common in Africa and awareness about it has been low, which is a tragedy because it is easily detected and curable if treated early.”

To make a donation please go to www.justgiving.com/beckydisue.