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Joint Commissioning Programme

The Joint Commissioning programme aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Solihull residents through identification of combined health and social care by integrating the commissioning and care of health, social care and public health services in order to promote the integration of service provision.

Solihull CCG and SMBC have formed a Joint Commissioning Board (JCB) to provide strategic oversight and direction to joint commissioning arrangements in Solihull. The JCB reports to both the CCG Governing Body and the SMBC Cabinet.

A Section 75 agreement, covering the following service areas, is in place between the 2 organisations:

  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Children’s health services
  • Sexual Health (covered in the Preventing Illness, Improving Health section)

Mental Health

Our Mental Health programme has been designed to deliver early intervention services that are available to patients in the right setting for their condition. We are committed to making sure mental health is treated the same was as physical health (Parity of Esteem).

We have previously focused on significantly improving access to mental health services in primary care and will continue to build on this foundation and develop services that promote good mental health and prevent mental illness from developing and mitigating its effects when it does. We recognise the key principles of the Mental Health Care Crisis Concordat and will use these in continuing to develop mental health services.

Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities die younger and experience poorer health than the general population. These differences in health outcomes are largely avoidable and are indicative of the health inequalities which people with learning disabilities experience in accessing primary care, secondary care and community services. Numerous reports have evidenced that these poorer health outcomes occur predominantly as a result of the barriers they face in accessing health care services – and screening / disease prevention programmes.

In addition to this, we recognise the need to commission high quality services for those people with the most complex of needs – as Winterbourne View highlighted – and the CCG continues to work in a way that avoids unnecessary specialist hospital and out of Borough placements.

Solihull CCG is committed to commissioning health services in ways which achieve better health outcomes for people with learning disabilities; this includes specialist provision, but critically general health services too.

Children’s Services

To support the integration agenda, commissioning responsibility for the following service areas have been delegated from Solihull CCG to SMBC:

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Paediatric Occupational Therapy
  • Meadow Centre (assessment and diagnosis for children with severe and complex needs, including those with autistic spectrum disorder)
  • Lyndon House (Short Breaks service)
  • Jointly funded packages of support for children with complex needs which cannot be met by existing Solihull services

These areas have been included in the Section 75 due to the close relationship of the service areas to other key service areas that are the responsibility of SMBC to commission (e.g. education, child development).