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Your Electronic Patient Record

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Twenty six Solihull GP practices use a computer system called SystmOne to hold electronic patient records. Using this system they are now able to share your full electronic records with other healthcare services you have contact with.

If this applies to your practice you will be asked whether you want to share your information at each stage of the referral process.

Using Antibiotics Responsibly

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Did you know that more than 174,000 prescriptions were written for antibiotics in Solihull last year?

Annual European Antibiotics Awareness Day on 18 November raises awareness of the need to use antibiotics in a responsible way to help keep them effective for the future.

Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group is working with the borough’s GPs to spread the message that inappropriate use and prescribing of antibiotics is causing resistance to the drugs. Patients are being reminded to complete courses of antibiotics as prescribed.

See European Antibiotics Awareness Day video

NHS England Area Team Q1 Assurance Meeting

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The CCG has received feedback on the Assurance Meeting from NHSE which is positive.  There were a number of actions for both the CCG and the Area Team which are being worked through. The next meeting to review Q2 will be taking place at the end of November 2013. 

The CCG has now received a Balance Scorecard for Q1 which is a summary of the CCG Assurance Framework five NHS domains which is available to default view here .