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A number of counter fraud newsletters are available. Newsletters are produced by the LCFS and NHS Protect. The LCFS generally produces and circulates a newsletter at least twice a year – so keep your eye out for it, but the most recently issued one will always be on these web pages! The LCFS newsletter contains information on current fraud topics, provides advice on good practice in order to prevent fraud, highlights policy requirements for those areas where fraud is prevalent and also provides information on recently successfully prosecuted cases.

Hope you find their contents interesting.

Current Newsletters

Newsletter November 2014


Newsletter March 2010

Newsletter August 2010

Newsletter November 2010

Newsletter March 2011

Newsletter November 2011

Newsletter June 2012

NHS Protect National Publication

Insight 2010

Stakeholder Bulletin

To view more NHS Protect Publications visit www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/3354.aspx